Praise for Lady Julie

"Part of the strength of this production... is the honesty of the performers.  It's easy to believe every emotion.  Making the show even more intense is the venue[:]... the kitchen of Campbell House Museum. We're so close to the action that we can see Jean sweat [&] listen to Julie's shallow breaths... The confines and warmth of the space on a hot summer evening add to the show's power." (NNNN)    
-- Jon Kaplan, NOW Magazine

"The advantages of using a real period kitchen for the setting is that you could not find a more authentic location, and unlike what any theatre can achieve, you have the sense of the whole house surrounding you. When characters speak of the other rooms or exit to them, you already have an image of them in your mind's eye. You can hear them using the stairs, and the play's realism is immeasurably enhanced... One of the best traditional versions of Strindberg's play to be staged in Toronto in a very long time."
   --   Christopher Hoile, Stage Door

"I saw the final performance of Lady Julie last night and was absolutely blown away. I am a first year student studying Drama at University of Toronto and have never felt so emotionally invested in a play in my entire life. The whole atmosphere and the raw tension created by the actors was just incredible. It was a beautifully tragic adaptation and I thoroughly enjoyed it."    
   --   Katie Witkowski (audience member and first year drama student)

"I am still haunted by Lady Julie. Lots to think about regarding domination, flipping from one side to another, cultural mores, the power of projection, women in society, you name rich."      
   --   Karusia Wroblewski