Lady Julie
Directed by: Rod Ceballos
Adapted by: Natalie Feheregyhazi

LADY JULIE (an Apuka Theatre original adaptation of August Strindberg's Miss Julie) is the story of a young woman of noble birth who, left at home for Midsummer's Eve, spends the night cavorting with her servants - in particular a charismatic valet named Jean.  What follows is a sexually charged, taboo ridden exploration of the restrictions placed on people by birth, class and gender.  Set in Campbell House Museum's historic kitchen LADY JULIE attempts to fully realize Strindberg's naturalistic vision for the play. By eliminating the fourth wall, Apuka Theatre invites the audience to inhabit the same space as the actors.

For this production, Apuka Theatre is partnering with Ernestine's Women's Shelter.  Strindberg, while a brilliant writer and observer of the human condition, was a well-known misogynist and the themes of violence and patriarchy present in his text can, unfortunately, still be seen reflected in many parts of the globe - including our own GTA.

  Organizations like Ernestine's are critical in providing options and hope for those looking to free themselves from violent patterns and situations.  By hosting talk-back sessions following certain shows and donating 100% of producers' profits to the shelter, Apuka Theatre hopes this production of LADY JULIE will serve to open up discussions surrounding this subject and help to build a stronger Toronto community.

Apuka Theatre approaches its productions from both naturalist and realist stand-points.

Campbell House Museum Historic Kitchen
160 Queen Street West (the corner of Queen & University)

Lady Julie
Directed by: Rod Ceballos
Adapted by: Natalie Feheregyhazi
Featuring: Alexander Crowther, Natalie Feheregyhazi & Heidi Lynch
Stage Manager: Kate Burns
Lighting & Sound Designer: Steve Vargo
Costume Designer: Allison Bjerkseth
Production Manager: Brittany Morrison
Assistant Production Manager: Melissa Wright
An Apuka Theatre Production
Campbell House
160 Queen St. West
August 30- September 14 (except Sept 2, 9, 10) 2013