Frankie and Johnny in the Clair De Lune

”I don’t think I’ve written anything even remotely naturalistic. The closest probably would have been ‘Frankie and Johnny’ and that’s only ‘cause they eat a sandwich and make an omelette in act two. But it’s a romantic fairy tale, and I’m very aware of that.”
-Terrence McNally

Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune
Written by Terrence McNally and Directed by Rod Ceballos

FRANKIE AND JOHNNY IN THE CLAIR DE LUNE plays as a simple two character narrative that unfolds as Frankie hopes her date with Johnny will end swiftly but Johnny is convinced he has found something much more than a one-time fling. What begins as a deceptively simple premise quickly moves beyond the expected formulaic approach to a love story and questions what it is to let someone into your life.

In this site specific production, set in Frankie’s apartment, Johnny is determined to turn what Frankie wants as a one night stand into something more. It ultimately focuses not on, as Johnny says, “the million reasons they don’t love each other” but what brought them together. It is a full acknowledgment of the perils of relationships and what transpires despite them.

Writer, and Tony Award winner, Terrence McNally combines the comedy of his earlier plays with deeper themes of his later work to create this seminal play: an honest portrayal of two people looking for love … or maybe not. Featuring Natalie Feheregyhazi as Frankie, David Gingerich as Johnny and directed by Rod Ceballos.

Featuring: Natalie Feheregyhazi and David Gingerich
Stage Manager: Dayna Chernoff
Set design: Matt Pochwalowski
Lighting Design: Raha Javanfar
Sound design: Jason 'JB' Browning
276 Carlaw St, Suite 223 (North of Queen)
Press Preview November 23rd, 2010 @ 7:30pm
Wednesday November 24th - Sunday November 28th @ 7:30pm
Tickets are PWYC