Elements of improvisation, realism and flash mob theatre blend when Apuka Theatre invites a
multi-cultural cast to fall in love with each other encore et encore.

Set in numerous sitespecific locations throughout Paris’s 9th arrondissement, Canadian and European actors
(with varying levels of English and French) act out a first-encounter scene. Independently rehearsed, the actors meet for the first time on the day of performance in a surprise setting.

As such, the first line of the play, “Vous cherchez quelqu'un?” (“Are you looking for someone?”), becomes a question that could be addressed to audience or actor alike, blurring the line between reality and fiction.

The goal of this French-Canadian theatre company’s play is to disrupt your everyday life and expand your capacity to receive and truly see one another.

May 24-28



The Team
paris fringe

Design/Build: imagin.ca